We are promoting work styles that make use of connections,
and this is directly linked to improved services and human resources growth.

In partnership with group hotels nationwide in Japan,
we have established an education environment and career development plan that allows employees to grow.
In addition to growth,
we also introduce benefits that increase employee awareness and motivation.


    • Cross-training

      We employ a system that temporarily dispatches employees, mainly young employees, to hotels within the group, so that they can gain extensive hotel experience and improve services.

      New graduate management trainee

      This program is designed to train executives at an early stage and to conduct on-site training for hotel operations over a short period of time.

    • HMJ Challenge Career program

      In intending to promote personal growth and career expansion, recruitment will be publicly conducted, and the following two initiatives will be implemented.

      Top management training program

      For HMJ Group employees that aim to become members of the top management (at the level of general manager or hotel manager) of a hotel of ours in the future, we provide support for attending business school that specializes in hotels and we encourage growth in parallel with daily operations.

      Group leader training program

      For staff that want to carry out cross-sectional management work not only for single hotels but also for the HMJ Group, we promote individual growth by conducting training in various fields, taught by executives from headquarters.


    • Group recruitment system

      We utilize a system where employees are further recruited from within hotels in the group so as to create an environment that matches employee perspectives. By setting up a new workplace within the group, it is possible to improve understanding regarding the organization and to improve/stabilize service skills.

    • Group support dispatch system

      If temporary job vacancies occur due to normal vacancy or a busy season, we will support our group hotels by promoting career advancement at other hotels and through dispatch services.

    • Career path questionnaire

      We survey the careers that employees most desire, thereby creating a database of the information. We then come to understand prospects and aptitudes, and then we promote career advancement via in-group dispatch.


    • Employee Party

      We host corporate parties that not only connect employees to employees, but also people's families. We will continue to cherish our employees' families and increase their sense of fulfillment.

    • Group company discount system

      This system was established with the desire for employees and their families to enjoy group hotel services. In addition to lodging, meals and other services can be enjoyed at special prices.

    • Incentive program

      Incentives are provided if employees fulfill qualifications related to hotel business. This is directly connected to enhancing motivation for service improvement.

No enrollment fee.
No annual fee.

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