We directly link ourselves to service improvement and human resources growth,and we leverage our connections so as to provide growth solutions that resonate.

HMJ's solutions consist of a business style that increases profit and a work style that increases the enthusiasm of our employees.
The multiplication of these two aspects compound so as to further increase value.

Business Style
Workers Style


    We utilize a mentoring system that incorporates diversity,
    along with internships within group hotels,
    thus creating an environment where a wide range of skills can be acquired.

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    Our group leader training course and our qualifications incentive program enable efficient career development within our group—this is unique to multi-brand operators such as ourselves.

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    We aim to be an organization where employees can collaborate with each other via opportunities to connect with others throughout the entire group, at, for example, corporate parties.
    This is paired with a system that allows employee families to fully make use of the services of our group hotels.

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