We utilize a form of management in which our various hotels are operated for the purpose of co-existence and co-prosperity with the local community and to maximize the charms of each facility.

We understand the different holding purposes for each owner, and we strive to improve the value of each hotel as a hotel operator.
In the process, we respond flexibly to various requests regarding hotel management, etc.,
under other brands—something that regular hotel management companies refrain from.

  • All of our employees aim to improve customer satisfaction.

    We support hospitality management that provides the valued Japanese form of omotenashi hospitality to customers.
    Our hotels play an important role in always being at the center of local tourism, commerce, cultural revitalization, promotion, and development.
    In essence, customers come to us for various reasons.
    We thus believe that the omotenashi that our guests require also needs to evolve and match the current times and sensibilities.

  • We always aim for employee satisfaction.

    We thus support a form of management that provides employees with rewards.
    If employee satisfaction is increased and each employee works with a high level of motivation, a virtuous cycle is the result in which the attractiveness of the company increases and, as a result, customer satisfaction increases.
    The company's strategy is to create a vibrant work environment where employees can feel satisfied.

  • We also aim to improve owner satisfaction by maximizing GOP (gross operating profit).

    We will further improve the asset value of the hotel while fully understanding the characteristics and strengths of each facility, and we aim to make various operational improvements in line with owner needs.
    We also provide flexible management services, such as in helping to form alliances with existing chains or developing our own brands.
    We simply aim to provide optimal management services for all our hotels.


HMJ direct management model (Original brand)

HMJ direct
management model
(Original brand)

Franchise (Another brand)

(Another brand)

MC consignment model(Another brand)

MC consignment model
(Another brand)

Ownership  Asset ownership company Asset ownership company Asset ownership company
Management HMJ HMJ HMJ
Opreration Original brand HMJ (different brand) Entrusted to another
operating company
Employment HMJ HMJ HMJ

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