The HMJ Spirit is the embodiment of a corporate mindset that
consists of philosophy, vision, value, and mission.

In this way, the consciousness, actions, and behaviors of all our staff can unite as one, all toward being an organization that walks in the same direction.
With the HMJ spirit at the center of all management strategies, we can increase our value as a multi-brand operator.

HMJ SPIRIT HMJ Mission HMJ philosophy / HMJ Vision/ HMJ Value


The power of diversity

As the largest multi-brand hotel operator in Japan, we will provide the best guest experience to all our customers.
We believe that our staff of diverse skills, nationality, and gender are our core strengths which will enable all of us to collectively provide a superior guest experience, while making a positive impact to our local communities.
It is our diversity which serves as the foundation in striving to complete our mission.


Leveraging our strengths and diversity in providing the best guest experience and creating an admirable corporate culture which will exceed all expectations.

We believe that our corporate environment (i.e. our people, organization, and culture) has immense potential. We aim to provide an exciting work and hospitality experience which will meet and even surprise the expectations of all of our guests and staff. We will aim to improve shareholder value and positively contribute to our society and local communities. We will provide value that exceeds all expectations by leveraging our strengths and diversity. This is our vision in which we have wholeheartedly committed ourselves towards achieving.


We hold high the following five values which represent the core fundamentals of our corporate culture and the HMJ Spirit. 

In order to add value to the lives of our customers,
we have set forth the following five action guidelines,
all based on the power of diversity.

  • 1.Respect for our diverse employees

    Regardless of gender, race, or nationality, we will strive to optimize each person's individual strength, and we will diligently work with each other, leading to both individual and corporate growth.

  • 2.Deliver a superior guest experience

    We will aim to thoroughly create a product and service which is completely focused in providing the best guest experience.

  • 3.Respect for local customs, history and tradition

    We will always aim to respect local customs, history, and culture, while adding to the growth and prosperity in locations in which we operate.

  • 4.Positively contribute to our society as responsible ambassadors of the HMJ Group

    Regardless of our growth and scale, we will aim to provide a positive contribution and impact to our society.

  • 5.Maintain a persistent and determined attitude

    We will maintain a persistent and determined mind set with a clear focus in meeting our vision and objectives


GS(Guest Satisfaction) Optimizing the best guest experience and tailoring each guest stay to his or her satisfaction ES(Employee Satisfaction) Creating an environment in which our employees can meet their professional and personal goals SS(Stockholder Satisfaction) Endeavoring to improve shareholder value by maximizing our GOP

We aim to become a “total” hotel group which will realize our three objectives of guest satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and stockholder satisfaction. We believe that we will meet our objectives with a relentless focus on excellence, as embodied in the themes of the HMJ Spirit: “come stay with us because we are simply the best,” “work with us because we are simply the best,” and “trust us because we are simply the best!"



As part of the promotion of work styles and work-style reform, we use "SMARTER AS A TEAM" as our in-house slogan with the aim of providing optimal work styles and maximizing the productivity of both our organization and our employees.